Dead Sea Clinic Medical Center

Located in the heart of the Israeli Dead Sea resort, Dead Sea Clinic has been treating patients from all over the world for over 20 years under the supervision of Professor MD Michael Rivkin.

Welcome to the Dead Sea Clinic

Our world class medical facility, found in the heart of the Israeli Dead Sea resort, offers specialized therapies found nowhere else in the world. Join us at one of the world’s leading climatotherapy clinics located on the shores of the restorative Israeli Dead Sea. Under the supervision of Dr. Michael Rivkin for more than two decades, the Dead Sea Clinic has offered powerful and lasting medical solutions to patients from around the world. When you visit the Dead Sea Clinic, you will not only experience one of the great healing miracles of the natural world, you will also find some of the most sophisticated and effective medical treatments available, expertly performed by Dr. Michael Rivkin and his staff.

Clinical Treatments

The Dead Sea Clinic is an internationally recognized medical centre that specilizes in climatotherapies for an array of medical conditions. In addition to utilizing the proven restorative properties of the Dead Sea, our clinic is equipped with modern medical equipment and technologies for use in a wide selection of medical treatments. Our highly trained staff utilizes the latest medical science along with the most advanced equipment to help our patients attain outcomes that are unachievable anywhere else.

Treatments Programs in the Dead Sea Clinic

Choose from a variety of treatment programs specially designed to produce optimal patient outcomes. We offer treatments for Psoriasis, Musculoskeletal Diseases, Respiratory Ailments, Osteoporosis and many other conditions. You will find only the highest quality of patient care at the Dead Sea Clinic, a leader in the treatment of acute and chronic health issues.

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