Vitiligo treatment at the Dead Sea

There are dozens of theories around the appearance of vitiligo, for example, dysfunction of the endocrine immune system or the imbalance of some of the metabolic processes. But none of them is exhaustive. That is why to cure vitiligo completely is impossible; since the cause of the disorder is not identified there is no option completely to cure the disorder. However it is possible to get some positive effect, in Israel vitiligo treatment at the Dead Sea famous at its positive results. The Dead Sea resort is known as ideal place for restoring health since the climate, the air and the water of this amazing place are healing, and this healing power of them comes directly from nature.

The amazing location of the Dead Sea -400 meters under the sea level (the lowest place in the world) crate a very unusual uniqueness, the evaporation of the mineral Dead Sea water creates something like an umbrella above the area, mineral aerosols shield that protects from the hardest A rays.

Ultraviolet B rays permeate only in a very narrow radiation spectrum; the length of the waves is 310-315 nanometers. This way at the Dead Sea everyone can get natural selective phototherapy or in other words sunbathing.

In the water of the Dead Sea concluded all the periodic table. The Salt composition of the water 330gr for 1 liter (1/3 salt 2/3 water) it is hyper-saturated solution, and concentration of salt.

The air at the Dead Sea area contains 6%-8% more oxygen than is normal for cites on the sea level. The atmospheric pressure usually is permanent, without any sudden daily fluctuations. The very presence in this area is hyperbaric oxygenation therapy.

By coming to the Dead Sea, taking sun baths, breathing the air and bathing in its water, the patient that suffers from vitiligo will start already to feel the positive effect of this place In addition to the positive effect on the other systems of the body.

The healing effect concludes in the restoration of the immune, endocrine, neural and other basic systems. It necessary to add that dermatologists usually recommends that those who suffer from vitiligo should avoid from sunbathing , however, at the dead sea the vitiligo patinas comes Especially to sunbathe since the sun here the least harmful. it is very important not to let the healing process take its course, when you lose the melanin it is very easy to «get fried» uncontrollably at the sun and get serious sunburns , and in general , without knowing how to treat your condition properly it is very easy to make more damage than good to yourself. And this is why it is nursery to consult medical professionals. The Dead Sea clinic provides to its patients that suffers from vitiligo highly qualified specialists. First of all the patient meets with our dermatologist which will recommend how to approach to the healing natural recourses and use them to improve his condition.

Besides that, comprehensive treatment of vitiligo includes: anti-stress therapy, mud wraps, thalassotherapy that includes sea weed wraps for the molecular feeding of the skin and excretion of toxins from its surface.

Likewise, performed physiotherapy -solenoid magneto therapy with vortex field and laser therapy of the spots. The ray of the laser activates the work of the mitochondrial complex, and stimulates the creation of melanin.

In some time on the place of the white spots appear freckles and afterwards often the spots are closing. The truth is that we cannot predict in advance what will be the effect; sometimes the effect is absolute and some tines only in 15%-20%. Also it is impossible to foresee how long it will lest. However, there is always positive effect to the treatment.

This disease is treatable in Israel. So if you are unwell, come to the Dead Sea clinic to get rid of yore sickness.

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