Liposuction is cosmetic surgery performed to remove unwanted deposits of fat from under the skin. The doctor sculpts and recontours the patient’s body by removing excess fatdeposits that have been resistant to reduction by diet or exercise. The fat is permanently removed from under the skin with a suction device.

Simply put, liposuction — is to get rid of excess weight, ugly fatty folds in the skin.One operation will solve all the problems! But …  really?

During liposuction surgery is the destruction of subcutaneous adipose tissue with nerve endings and blood vessels and then it is removed through an incision on the body.

After the surgical liposuction it will take about two weeks for the patient to return to his daily routine, not included: sports, swimming pool, and solarium – those you cannot do more than 30 days after the surgery. In addition, about the same time after the operation it is necessary to wear a special supportive, or as it is otherwise called, compression underwear; it is quite uncomfortable. .A lack of opportunities to play sports can easily lead to the fact that fat is gone come again…

So, liposuction — is not an option? You interested to get rid of excess fat without spending long days in the hospital, without pain, without dropping out of public life and limiting the intimate life…

Simply, the fat is removed and immediately you get out of bed and go home, to work, or to friends and loved ones!  Is it really possible?

This is real and accessible to everyone — now in Israel! One has only to want to resort to the method of liposuction without surgery, or, in other words, to the security of the system correction based on evidence-based ultrasound technology developed by Israeli experts. The name of this method is UltraShape ™.

The main difference between surgical liposuction and UltraShape ™ is that there are no cuts on the body, and the rehabilitation period is reduced in the worst case, to half an hour of rest in the lobby of Dead Sea Clinic.  Because only in the Dead Sea Clinic, located at the shores of the Dead Sea will make it possible to make liposuction without surgery during your vacation.

The Contour I system Developed by UltraShape, transmits the ultrasound energy into the fat cells, thereby destroying them. This energy is easily focused on the relevant body areas, and only affects the fat cells without causing any harm to the surrounding tissue. The Ultrasound fires a pulse at the desired point throughout the three seconds marked area on the computer screen. During this time, you might feel a slight prick, and get a little hot. Patients say that after such a procedure they suffer no pain or discomfort and the skin surface is smooth and homogeneous. The highest efficiency of the treatment is to reduce the volume of adipose tissue to 500ml (average of 2-5cm.).

The Dead Sea Clinic relies on worldwide studies and research showing the efficacy and safety of this procedure. And it takes only couple of hours of yore time. The patient together with the physicians will choose and mark the problem areas of the body, and lie down on a comfortable couch for short and painless treatment.

During the time of the treatment while the system operator Contour I will move on problem areas of the body sensor (the conductor of ultrasonic energy), you can daydream, or simply doze off, because the on professionals at the Dead Sea Clinic you can rely on with your eyes closed!

If you want to experience the technology of liposuction without surgery UltraShape ™, to improve your figure, or would like to receive a consultation on this issue — please contact us!

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C уважением, Ирина Кузнецова

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