Mud treatment (peloidotherapy)

In our medical center we use only the natural Dead Sea mud (AHAVA). By the quality Standards it refers to the chloral-magnesium-calcium sludge high salinity group. Its structure includes: magnesium salts, potassium, calcium bromide, copper, zinc, iron, lithium, cobalt, iodine and manganese. The Dead Sea therapeutic mud structurally represents complex physicochemical dynamic system.

The dead sea therapeutic mud is much richer than any other kind of therapeutic mud with organic and inorganic substances in the world. It’s micro-gases, macro elements and bioactive substances stimulate the immune system and neuro-humoral systems and helps to treat many diseases and disorders.

The Dead Sea mud treatment is one of the basic methods in Israel for treatment of the Peripheral nervous system, musculoskeletal system and skin. The mud treatment’s effect on the metabolism, improves microcirculation, eliminates swelling, scarring and activates the regenerative (recovery) process. One of the elements is lecithin, which participates in forming nerve membranes what affects the speed of impulse transmission along the nerve fibers. The medical mud also normalizes the synthesis of chondroitin sulfate that stimulates the growth of new cartilaginous zones and contributes to the restoration of articular cartilage. All of this makes the mud treatment, especially in chronic cases effective as regular drug treatments, however, the effect of the mud therapy will last longer, and will provide more effective results!

The Dead Sea mud has a high level of bactericide (substance that kills bacteria) due to high contents sulfide groups, magnesium ions, bromide and zinc. Additional advantage of the Dead Sea mud is the regenerative and cleansing effect when treating skin disease and the mud applied Even on open Wounds. The Antioxidant effect is connected to the beneficent influence of the mud treatment on the   processes of tissue detoxification — reduce the toxic impact and active excretion of free radical oxidation products that means that mud treatment leads to a slowing down the aging Process.

Another virtue of the Dead Sea mud is its high thermal conductivity, In other words, the ability to keep predetermined temperature for a long time and thereby contribute to deep heating of the underlying tissues (muscles, ligaments, joints). The wrap’s compressed form provides a very strong therapeutic effect: cleaning and stimulation of all layers of the skin, relaxing effect on muscles and ligaments, emotional condition and sleep depth. The mud wrap improves blood circulation, reduces joint pain and significantly increases your joints range of motion, range of spine motion for those who suffer from osteochondritis and other degenerative spinal illnesses.

all the characteristics that been mentioned above creates auspicious complex for treatment which impossible to create artificially since what connecting all the characteristics to structure of perfect Environment is the unique climate of the dead sea shore area. To experience the full effect of the Therapeutic Mud, one should go through a series of procedures, with local or full body wraps of mud, and it’s unique heating-rejuvenation effect. Be Careful not to harm yourself by » Smearing» mud on yourself at the beach under the hot sun, after few minutes it becomes a dry shell, it wastes all the healing properties and will not bring you the wanted result. Using any mud for self-treatment without a medical supervisor or his prescribed instruction is not recommended.


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