The clinic is using the most advanced technology for physiotherapy treatment; we constantly replenish the range of the medical equipment in the clinic, to be at the highest level and offer our customers a complete line of advanced medical treatment.

Physiotherapy (used in the treatment of physical factors) has traditionally been an important component in the treatment and prevention of various diseases.

The physical impacts with the goal of therapy may be primary or secondary method in the complex of therapeutic measures, including the spa treatment.

The widespread use in the past and present physical therapy went thru significant changes during the last few ears giving us the opportunity to provide the highest quality of new advanced devices.

Now days, the pharmacological market offers a huge number of drugs for the treatment of various diseases. However, frequently, those drugs have their own effect on the body and its systems and the side effects might problems of a different nature.

For example, when some chronic diseases of the blood vessels might create a difficulty provide blood flow to the organs due to the changes in tissue and blood vessels. A drug effect in this case, is ineffective as the active substance from the bloodstream is not received in the proper amount to the organ needed, often in the same time providing an overall negative impact on the whole body.

The combination of physical therapy and naturopathic treatments as a balneological (water, mud, etc.), allows us to improve the quality of our patients life at the lowest dosage load.

In some diseases physiotherapy is often the only treatment option. For example, chronic pain as a consequence of intervertebral hernia — neuralgia the affected nerves during surgery patients harassed physically and mentally, disrupting normal life.

Study physiotherapy contributes not only to reduce the pain, but also prevents the formation of persistent muscle contractures in the limbs.

Thus, during physical therapy there are a number of positive effects:

  • Reducing the period of treatment.
  • Soft, painless therapeutic effects.
  • Prevention of complications and relapses.
  • Absence side effects of medication.
  • Reduced drug load or, in some cases, the rejection of them.

Optimal effect of physiotherapy application comes not during a single exposure, but after several procedures (treatment course).

The most commonly used today, the following hardware physical factors:

  • Electric and magnetic fields are the acting factor of the electromagnetic field
  • Electrotherapy (using an electrical current). .
  • The action of the mechanical nature of the factors (ultrasound).
  • Phototherapy (light treatment.


We should also highlight the issue of contraindications to physiotherapy.

The Physiotherapy stepped forward, now it is not only and not so much a «warming», as it was 20-30 years ago. Doctors who stayed in their professional development, and, moreover, patients are poorly aware of this. Often clinics are equipped with old machines for thermal treatments, and the myth that «I have fibroids, my physical therapy is impossible» — is very strong. Meanwhile, it has long been a myth.

There non-thermal factors that can and should be used in uterine and endometriosis, and other problems, which is prohibited under overheating. In general, today the absolute contraindications to physiotherapy were only cancer, acute bleeding of unknown origin.

Wide range of hardware physiotherapy DEAD SEA CLINIC

  • Ultrasonic phonophoresis
  • SMV-therapy
  • EHF-therapy
  • Permanent magnetic
  • Laser therapy
  • Pulsed magnetic therapy
  • The low-frequency magnetic therapy
  • Amplipulse therapy
  • Inductothermy
  • Iontophoresis
  • Galvanization
  • Transkarnialnaya electrostimulation
  • Local darsonvalization
  • Short-wave diathermy

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