Shock Wave Therapy

Many people often have to live with pain of different intensities, arising due to once injuries, sprained or surgically altered joints and ligaments. Despite outstanding achievements in medicine and physiotherapy, problems such as chronic pain in the spine, joints, muscles and ligaments, often does not bring significant relief. «The treatment was successful but the pain remained. “But now, medicine won another victory over the imperfection of our bodies and its name is: «Radial Wave Therapy”, also known as the shock wave therapy. It is successfully used in various fields of medicine, especially in orthopedics.

So what is so special about this treatment?

Shock wave therapy already proved itself in many cases around the world, the method has demonstrated the most outstanding performance in the most problematic areas of orthopedics where conventional treatments (hormone therapy, physiotherapy and anti-inflammatory drugs) have failed. In such cases orthopedists often gave up and recommend surgery as a last resort. Nowadays, radial wave therapy is used by doctors around the world. You can find a huge amount of positive feedback about the method on the Internet, almost  in any language.

According to various sources, 85% to 95% of patients treated using this method inarticulacy at the Dead Sea, described the treatment’s results as «Revolutionary» and «Life changing», and many of them were able to return to their daily life after the first session therapy. The procedure itself takes a short time, but can achieve a stable effect for a very long time.


How does the treatment work?

Shock wave therapy it is a method of cavitation (high-treating pathological tissues in the area). Short-term supplement to the needed area stops the circle of pain syndrome; it restores and enhances the local blood circulation and natural lubrication of the joints, loosens and further destroys or reduces most painful bony growths, fibrosis muscle lesions, followed by their gradual resorption. Major noticeable effects observed after treatment with shock wave therapy at the Dead Sea: the cessation of pain, restoration of the motion range in the joints and increased exercise tolerance. The treatment does not require pain relief and has no side effects. So far studies have showed that the method is safe and does not cause any complications or has any side-effects.

The course of treatment at the Dead Sea Clinic is preformed with Swiss machinery EMS (the official creators and developers of the method) and usually consists of 3 sessions. The Doctor applies the handle unit to the painful areas, creating a wave of low frequency and high density, the patient feels sort of shock at the site of application. After the procedure, a short time later, the pain subsides. The maximum effect of treatment of shock wave therapy at the Dead Sea could come as early as the 3rd session or 2-3 weeks.




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